Monday, May 20, 2013

Playlist for 5/12/2013 - Subbed by DJ Saikuro of Tokyo Time Zone

*1. THYX - Underdive - The Way Home
2. Suicide Commando - Evacuate - Attention Whore
3. Absurd Minds - Captivated - The Focus
4. Hocico - Flesh To Lacerate - Tiempos de Furia

5. Juno Reactor - Zwara (Thomas P Karni Remix) - Inside The Reactor
6. Accolade - Carnival - Festivalia
7. Informatik - Predator - Arena
8. Accolade - Blackwater - Festivalia

9. iVardensphere - These Machines Keep Me Alive - Bloodwater
10. Tweaker - Nothing At All (feat. Jessika Addams) - Call The Time Eternity
11. Clan Of Xymox - Morning Glow - In Love We Trust

12. X Marks The Pediwalk - The Day I Start To Die - The Sun, The Cold and my Underwater Fear
*13. Mesh - Blackdog - Born To Lie
14. :wumpscut: - Hallelujah - Women and Satan First
15. Voltaire - Snakes - The Devil's Bris

16. Blue Sky Black Death - Heroin For God - Noir
*17. Gentleman Junkie - The Knife - Soul to Soul
*18. Oaks - Falls - Field Beat
*19. Pankow - Don't Follow - And Shun the Cure They Most Desire

*20. Pankow - No More Sleep - And Shun the Cure They Most Desire
21. God Module - Victims Among Friends 2013 - Psychic Surgery
22. Real Life - Oblivion (Nevarakka Mix) - Oblivion

*23. KMFDM - Ave Maria - Kunst
*24. Dawn of Ashes - Anathema Part I - Anathema
*25. KMFDM - Quake - Kunst
*26. Dawn of Ashes - Anathema Part II - Anathema
27. Ludique - Learning the Ropes

*28. Hope Esthlem - You'll Never Have Her Fire - Sleepwalking Societies
*29. I:Scintilla - The Ship Song - Free Stuff
*30. Cortex Defect - Fortify - Scenekiller
31. In Strict Confidence - Der Vampir Und Dessen Verwandlung - Mistrust The Angels

*New Release


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