Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Playlist and Commentary for 8/16/2008

1. Rotersand - I Cry - 1023 - Metropolis Records
*2. bioassay - Silence - Unreleased - Self Produced
*3. Straftanz - Finale Vollendung - Forward Ever, Backward Never - Scanner
I liked the combo of these three songs - bioassay mixed really well with Rotersand, and following that up with Straftanz seemed the natural choice.
*4. Neuroticfish - The Bomb - A Greater Good - Dancing Ferret Discs
Obviously not a new release, but the Neuroticfish best-of album is new to us. Expect more goodness to come.
*5. Anders Manga - 100,000 Tears - X's & the Eyes - Vampture Records
Proving that Anders has a soft side...
*6. Ego Likeness - The Lowest Place on Earth - The Lowest Place on Earth - Self Produced
With Dancing Ferret Discs going under, this is one of the bands whose future I'm most interested in. We've seen them live twice, and they put on amazing sets both times. I can't wait for new stuff from them.

*7. The Cr├╝xshadows - Immortal (Our Souls Enduring Club Mix) - Immortal - Dancing Ferret Discs
Another DFD refugee - I sincerely hope that their upcoming album's release won't be pushed back.
8. Diary of Dreams - Malice - Nekrolog 43 - Metropolis Records
9. Seabound - Transformer - Beyond Flatline - Metropolis Records
10. Covenant - Call The Ships To Port - Nothern Light - Metropolis Records
I had forgotten how good these last three tracks are - hence the comment during broadcast about "clubby goodness".

11. Specimen - Lilacs - Electric Ballroom - Metropolis Records - Request
I'm really not impressed with Specimen's latest release - it sounds completely out of character for them and the "remix" of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is a joke.
12. Her Voice Remains - Love is Gone - Her Voice Remains - Her Voice Remains Music
*13. Catastrophe Ballet - The Lovers Delight - Bats From Europe Vol. 1 - Thin Man Entertainment - Compilation
*14. The Deep Eynde - Date From Hell - Bad Blood - People Like You Records
15. Bella Morte - Final Words - Songs for the Dead - Metropolis Records
*16. Demonika and the Darklings - Choir of Change - Shelter - Self Produced
*17. Death in Dresden - Animalism - Seduced By The Night - Gaunt Lush Productions

18. KMFDM - Tohuvabohu - Tohuvabohu - Metropolis Records
I recently got Brimborium, the remix album for Tohuvabohu, and was actually impressed with Angelspit's "Ex Nihilo" remix of this song. The Die Krupps mix of "Looking for Strange" is good listening too - the other tracks are marginal.
*19. Combichrist - Sent to Destroy (Northborne Remix) - Frost EP: Sent to Destroy - Metropolis Records
Admittedly not the best remix of this song on the EP - the beats seem out of sync with the energy of the song.
20. Gasr - Haute Couture - Reptile - Nilaihah Records

21. Collide - Crushed - Some Kind of Strange - NoisePlus Music
I remember listening to this album for the first time and feeling goosebumps as the track kicked into the chorus. Lush, rich stuff.

*New Release

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