Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Um, intro?

I was so excited to post the latest playlist and commentary that I didn't even introduce the site. How shameful of me!

[clears throat] Ahem. Um, hi! I'm The Doctor, and you have reached one of the many web holes of The Black Cauldron, a Goth / Industrial / Darkly-Oriented radio show that is broadcast live every Saturday night on KUCI in Irvine. Although I'm not the original host of the show, I believe we're in our tenth year of delivering our promise of "freeform darkness" to the masses.

While we play nothing but the newest and finest in dark music, including (but not limited to) gothic, industrial, darkwave, deathrock, EBM, dark electro, dark cabaret, and steampunk, that's not the only thing that makes us special and noteworthy. The thing is, we're also kind of crazy. BlackRose and I excel at being weird and sometimes amusing. We've been likened to the "Sifl and Olly of Gothic Radio"... I don't know who said that of us (it might have been myself, actually), but it's been said, no taking it back.

We also have a companion MySpace page (linked to at the top of this blog) that BlackRose maintains, so I'll probably be posting the majority of the entries here. Also, we hope to have this site associated directly with KUCI's servers for further exposure.

To those discovering us for the first time, welcome. To those who already know us, greetings. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the darkness. After all, could I have ended this post in any more of a hackneyed fashion?

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