Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playlist for 5/9/2009

1. The Birthday Massacre - Play Dead - Violet - Metropolis Records - Request
2. Abney Park - The Change Cage [2005 Mix] - Taxidermy - Self Produced
3. VNV Nation - Chrome - Matter + Form - Metropolis Records
4. Project Pitchfork - Abyss - Kaskade - Metropolis Records
5. The Last Dance - Inside [Kane Mix] - Now & Forever After - Dancing Ferret Discs

6. Ego Likeness - Sirens and Satellites - West EP - Self Produced
*7. The Milling Gowns - Fist Wings Following - Sky So Grey - Decorative Records - Compilation
8. Necessary Response - Vapor - Blood Spills Not Far From the Wound - Bractune Records
9. Clan of Xymox - Dark Mood - Farewell - Metropolis Records - Request

*10. KMFDM - Davai - Blitz - Metropolis Records
*11. :wumpscut: - Autophagy Day - Fuckit - Metropolis Records
*12. Julien-K - Technical Difficulties - Death To Analog - Metropolis Records
*13. Eisbrecher - Heilig - S√ľnde - Metropolis Records

*14. Roxy Epoxy and the Rebound - I Know I Know - Bandaids on Bullet Holes - Metropolis Records
*15. IAMX - My Secret Friend (f. Imogen Heap) - Kingdom of Welcome Addition - Metropolis Records


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